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Rebeccah Wassner Shares Race2Rebuild Recovery Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Hi! My name is Rebeccah Wassner, I’m a professional triathlete and one of XRCEL’s new sponsored athletes. Over the next year, I’ll be contributing race reports, nutrition ideas, and sharing how I use XRCEL to fuel my training and competitions. Well, let me just back up a step The racing part is on hold for … Continue reading Rebeccah Wassner Shares Race2Rebuild Recovery Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Wassner Takes on the Big Island using XRCEL

When it comes to sponsored athletes, we at XRCEL, look for someone who not only has success in the athletic arena, but who also has a genuine heart and passion for what they do in life. Laurel Wassner not only inspires others through her triathlon success, but also as a person who battled and beat … Continue reading Wassner Takes on the Big Island using XRCEL

Athlete By Design & Coach Your Best Interview Team XRCEL

https://secure.xrcel.com/blog/athlete-by-design-coach-your-best-interview-team-xrcel/ Performance coach to the pros, owner of Athlete By Design and the International Podcast “Coach Your Best”,         Jeremy Boone, sat down with Team XRCEL to learn more about the product and how it is helping athletes improve their performance. Click the “Coach Your Best” icon below to start the podcast.

Why Extended Release Matters

The XRCEL Advantage Athletes need carbohydrates before, during and after performance for fuel and glycogen replenishment. An athlete’s body looks first to carbohydrates as the primary source of fuel; followed by fats and then protein. Muscles use glucose, glycogen and fatty acids for energy. When muscles are at rest, the predominant form of energy utilized … Continue reading Why Extended Release Matters

Prepare and Recover for a Half-Distance Triathlon

For some, training for a half-distance triathlon is a way to try something new, lose weight, get into better shape, or add a new challenge to their life. Once you have decided to embark on the swim, bike, and run training journey, you will need to consider, and treat yourself, like an endurance athlete. The … Continue reading Prepare and Recover for a Half-Distance Triathlon

XRCEL Recovery Smoothies

XRCEL®   Recovery   Smoothies Part of being a strong competitor includes being able to train hard. Training hard means being able to recover quickly and being ready for your next session. To recover you know you need to address muscle protein breakdown from your hard sessions as well as recovering your glycogen reserves to fuel your … Continue reading XRCEL Recovery Smoothies

XRCEL Micro-Gel Technology – An Overview

  XRCELTM Athlete Fuel is formulated to give athletes both immediate energy and extended energy. How? XRCELTM feeds your body glucose via patented micro gels. These micro gels work with your body, positioning glucose where it needs to be, at the carbohydrate uptake receptor sites, and uses your body’s pH and temperature to release glucose … Continue reading XRCEL Micro-Gel Technology – An Overview

The History of XRCEL

XRCEL’s roots can be traced back to soccer. The founder’s son is a soccer player, having played from a young age through college. Needless to say, the founder spent many hours observing players in both practices and game situations. What he observed, not so surprisingly, was these talented athletes were fading going into half time … Continue reading The History of XRCEL