For The Athlete

What It Is

Double down with
a new breed of fuel
for athletes.

XRCELTM Athlete Fuel is a great tasting drinkable sports supplement that delivers immediate and extended release fuel, via patented micro-gels, to help you stay physically and mentally strong.

XRCELTM is scientifically formulated to work with your body, releasing energy generating glucose as your body needs it. Fueling up with XRCELTM can help you push your body harder for longer, helping you outlast the competition.

  • Clean Fuel

    XRCELTM is formulated with the highest quality ingredients. It does not contain any banned substances, so you can use it with confidence.

  • Fuel For Now

    XRCELTM is formulated to give you an immediate dose of fuel, helping you come out of the gate at full-throttle.

  • Fuel For Later

    XRCELTM contains patented, glucose-loaded, micro-gels that are pH and body temperature responsive to quickly and steadily release fuel as your body needs it.

How It Works

How To Use

Performance bottle.

The thin, compact, grip-friendly bottle is designed for easy drinking while running, biking or performing other physical activities.

XRCELTM only takes up 1/10th
of total stomach volume

Volume control.

Each 4.75 ounce bottle of XRCELTM helps performing athletes fuel up, and refuel, with a beneficial dose of glucose without the risk of overloading your system.

Smart, fast way to fuel your body.

Like the cutting edge equipment you use to train and compete, XRCELTM is scientifically advanced. Specially formulated to efficiently fuel your body to help you push yourself to the limits when training or competing.

How to fuel up with XRCELTM:


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